Canvas Help (Videos)

This page is your source for help with Canvas.  Look to this page for video help setting up modules, submitting assignments and much more.

Videos on Navigating Canvas

FYI - The videos do not open in a new tab. Please right click on each link and click open in new tab to view each video in a new tab.

Canvas Setup

Canvas Basics (Overview)

Designing Modules

Which item to use on Canvas (Flowchart)

Making Assignments in Canvas

*Embed/Insert Video  (Video appears when student opens page)

*Adding Videos to a object/picture (Video is attached to an image/object)

Embedding PPT

Creating Quizzes

Using Speedgrader (grade submitted assignments and leave feedback)

Setup Teams


* When inserting a video from internet it is suggested that you use so as to generate a safe video link.


Canvas Vocabulary Terms laugh

 Additional Canvas Terminology

Assignments - Any activity assesment that is created by the isntructor.  Assignments include, Assignments, Discussions, and Quizzes. Assignments is a link in Course Navigation.  The Assignments page lists all assignment types made by the teacher in a course.  

Courses - Units of instruction in one subject that typically last one term.  Courses are created by administrators and/or teachers.  

Course Navigation - The menu on the left side of a Canvas course.  Course Navigation links directed to all the feature areas within a course Discussions - A forum designed to faciliate informal communicaton between studens in a course.  All Discussions content is public (within Canvas), and all course students can view and reply to a discussion.

Embed - Embedding is the integration of links, images, videos, and other content so that it appears as part of an online document.  Ex - The Canvas Vocabulary Terms table is embeded on this webpage. 

Module - A tool that can unify all course content into structural components. Module content can be grouped by week, topic or day.  Modules can be set up to require student to somplete material sequentially.  Modules is a link in Course Navigation.
Pages - Pages allow instructors to create content for a Canvas course.  Pages is a link in Course Navigation. Quizzes - Displays all quiz assessment types in a course. Quizzes is a link in Course Navigation.