Class Rules and Required Materials

Class Rules 

1.) Remember the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

2.) Be in class ON TIME. Three tardies equals a detention.- Standing outside the door and rushing in as the bell rings is considered tardy. You must be inside the door when the bell rings.

3.) No toiletries or grooming in classroom.- Hair brushing/combing , putting on make-up can be done in between classes. That is not for the classroom.

4.) Attend to personal needs before class. - I do not give out passes unless it is an emergency.

5.) Bring required materials to class everyday unless otherwise instructed.

6.) Talk only when permitted. - Quiet talking is allowed in some situations, group discussion is allowed in others, but there will be times when hand raising will be needed in order to speak. Please be aware of the situation which will be told to you.

7.) It is the responsibility of the student to obtain notes and assignments when he or she is absent. - I will not track you down to give you missed assignments.

8.) Do not cheat/plagiarize. - I expect each student to do his or her own work. Students caught cheating will receive a grade of zero for that assignment.


Required Materials 

• One 1" three-ringed binder 

•  Loose-leaf paper

• Pencils 

• Pens

• 1 Composition Book to be used as a journal 

• Textbook and/or Class Novel

• 1 gb Flash Drive