How Can I Watch TikTok Videos Without an Account?

Launched in 2016 TikTok has gained remarkable popularity around the globe and became the most downloaded app in the USA in 2018. 

TikTok is famous for its amazing posted content or videos that people like to view at their desired time but is now banned in our country. So, people are looking for a way to watch the Tiktok of their friends or celebrities without creating an account on it. 

This guide will explain to you the ways to watch tik tok without account, and its drawbacks in the given post. Keep reading it.

How to Watch Tiktok  Without an Account 2022

Here is the process of how to watch tiktok without an account 2022.

  • Navigate to the official website of on any of your browsers (Safari, Firefox, or Chrome).
  • Now click on the “Aa” icon located beside the address bar of Tiktok.
  • Pick the option Request desktop website

Now you can watch the contents of Tiktok on your PC without downloading the app and making any account on it. 

How to Watch Tiktok on PC Without an Account

Watching the videos of TikTok without account becomes pretty easy with your PC, but you can not leave a comment or like any videos. Follow the steps

  • Open the official website of Tiktok on your browser.
  • Tap on “For You” in the upper left corner of the screen
  • Now you are able to watch the videos of Tktok without an account

You will not require to create an account on Tiktok to watch it from your PC or Laptop without downloading the app.