How to Fix FaceTime Not Working Issue?

Facetime is a very important feature of an iPhone and that is why if you see that facetime not working then, it can be very difficult for people to video call with their friends and family members. The issues with Factime are very common in iOS devices and that is why there are many solutions that people can use when they want to fix the same problem. 

Here, we are going to tell you about the solutions that you can use when you are wondering why does my facetime keep failing on your device. 

Trusted and Effective ways to Fix Facetime not working 

Method 1: Update the application and the iOS software

The first thing that you need to make sure of is that you are using the current version of the application as well as the iOS software because having the recent version is very important for Facetiming. 

Method 2: Restart your device

If you are thinking why is facetime not working then, you need to know that this can also happen because of technical glitches and bugs and that is why we recommend you restart your iPhone. This is the best solution that you can use to resolve any technical hiccup that you are facing. 

Method 3: Make sure that your cellular connection is fine

Another main reason why facetime keeps hanging up can be the internet connection that you are using. You need to have a strong and dependable network connection be it a Wi-Fi connection or your cellular data when you want to facetime anyone.