What Does No Location Found Mean?

To locate your loved ones Find My app was introduced by Apple Inc. and is really a handy app that lets you track your family members or friends when they are out of home. This will enable you to see the exact location of the person with whom you have synced the Find My app on your phone. 

Sometimes you may be unable to track that person and view a message “No Location Found” or “Location Not Available”.

To understand both the concepts is pretty tricky and you need to delve into it. So, let’s get started with us differentiating, “location found” vs “location not available” in this post.

What Does No Location Found Mean

People might get confused about “No location Found” and “Location Not Available”. But these are two different concepts. You are struggling to get what does no location found means, on your Find My app.

When you receive a message “no location found” it means there might be any technical glitches or any internet issues.  There has been an internet issue and poor signal that is unable to send you the exact location of that person.

There might be chances that the person’s mobile has a low battery issue, or any other technical bugs, due to which location can’t be tracked.

The person might be in a distant location from the range of cellular connectivity.

What Does Location Not Available Mean

To be precise, “Location not Available” means that the person on the other side has stopped sharing their location with you. The person you are tracking navigates to the “Find My App” and disables sharing their location tab and you will get “Location not Available”.

 It means the person has intentionally stopped sharing the location with you and you will get a “Location not Available” message on your phone.