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About Our Teachers




Meet Our Teachers!

Mrs. Edwins teaches the four hour SEI  for 1st - 2nd Grade students. She has been teaching for 18 years in three states, California, Texas and the last 10 + years in Arizona at Esperanza Elementary School. Mrs. Edwins received her Master's Degree in Education in 1990 and has taught a variety of grade levels and many combination classes. She most enjoys the challenges of teaching students who are learning English.   Mrs. Thomas is one of the  ELD instructional assistants at Esperanza. She has been at Esperanza for 8 years. Her homeland is Chile and her first language is Spanish. She enjoys helping students learn English.

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Mrs. Edwins (623)445-3771 taina.edwins@dvusd.org

Mrs. Thomas (623) 445-3888 eliana.thomas@dvusd.org