Mrs. Teeters

Welcome to Mrs. Teeters' Class

Room 123


WRITING CLASS....The students will be competing against each other (friendly rivalry) to represent the class at The James Cancer Hospital's Black History month celebration. The winner will be chosen after the students complete an essay entitled "Reaching for the Top....Nutrition, What Does this Mean to You?"  Other completed writings this quarter have included "Laws of Life" and "Person of the Year 2011".  


SOCIAL STUDIES....Students have completed the unit on the French and Indian War. Discussions included the causes of the war, the outcome, the lasting effects on the Native Americans and how this war led to the Revolutionary War.  Next up, The Revolutionary War and the birth of our country.


MATH.... Finishing the introduction of division and headed toward long division.  Geometry is on the horizon, as well as more practice in problem solving.  Reminder: Homework in Math is a Monday through Thursday night occurence unless a chapter test falls on one of those weekdays. Homework will vary according to teacher and/or class.  PLEASE write the correct information in your plan book.


READING TOGETHER...We are just beginning the legendary story "Stone Fox".  This is definitely a classis that all students enjoy.  We will be reviewing narrative elements, character evolvement, predictions/outcomes and inferencing the text as we read this book together.  A special note: Upon completion of the book, the class will be treated to the movie where they will be asked to compare the book and the movie and vote for their favorite.


SERVICE LEARNING...                            

Whittier students are dedicated to finding the cure to cancer.  5th graders have done a fantastic job with fundraisers since the beginning of the year.  "Linking Together to Find a Cure" has taken off in many classrooms as the chain links continue to grow.  All of the programs have earned over $1000 to date for The James.  Coming March, 4th graders will sell raffle tickets for "The Best Seat in the House".  "Project 100" proves again to be a successful program where area businesses help our students help The James.