Civil War

Civil War Review Outline

1. Power and Congress
A. Missouri Compromise
B. Compromise of 1850
C. Kansas- Nebraska Act
D. Dred Scott
‘. Economics
A. Slavery
    a. Uncle Tom’s Cabin
    b. Abolitionists
    c. Slave Codes
B. Industrial north
C. Agricultural south
3. Election of]860
A. Split of the Democratic Party B. Lincoln as president C. Secession
          a. Right to property
II. The Civil
War (1861-1865)
1. Union
A. Strengths
B. Leaders
2. Confederacy
A. Strengths
B. Leaders
3. Battles
A. Bull Run
B. Antietam
C. Vicksburg
D. Gettysburg
E. Atlanta
F. Surrender at Appomattox
-I. Documents
A. Emancipation Proclamation
         a. NYC Draft Riots

B. Gettysburg Address

Instructions:  What Why SO What section I.- 1 & 2 A.  For 2A include how each affected people s view of slavery.  Also, why was slavery more profitable in the south than the north?  3A- How did it help Lincoln?  3B- What were his views of slavery?  3Ca- What document did southerners use to justify secession?

II- 1. & 2. - can be done in chart form

3. Which side was victorious in that battle? What new or important factor came out of that battle?  In ohter words, why did I select these particular battles?  What is significant about them?

II.- 4. WWSW