Science Fair

These are the Forms that Competition Projects will need to turn in By October 31.  You only need 1. 1A and 1B.  You MUST include the RESEARCH PLAN for 1A. ISEF Forms 2017-2018.pdf


This is the Abstract Form that all Competition Projects will need to complete - Abstract Form 2017-2018.pdf


Students will be given Science Fair information the week of August 28th.  As middle school students often do, many have already left their information behind.  You can find all the information at the links below.

Science Fair Proposal (DUE 9/14 A-day and 9/15 B-day) Fair Project Guide1 2014.doc

Science Fair book for students who do not plan to compete (Project due 11/01 All classes) Fair Handbook 2017-2018.doc

Science Fair book for students who want to be considered for competition (Due 11/29 All participants) Fair Competition Handbook 2017-2018.doc


Science is not everyone's first love so there are two tracks - one for those who love science and hope to compete at the district and regional level and one for those who like science but have a lot going on and would prefer a scaled down version.   Remember: