How To Fix Receding Gums Without Surgery

A Treatment For Receding Gums - The Gum Tissue Can easily Regrow to Normal Position without Painful Oral Surgery


Treatment for gum recession (for many individuals) requires surgical treatment - a lot of pain- a prolonged recovery time - and too much hard earned money being paid to dental offices.



Knowing the root cause can save a person from painful gum surgeries, and high costs associated with such type of procedures. Read my review here:

An effective and successful treatment option for receding gums is completely dependent upon understanding the main cause that resulting in gum recession. If you won’t do that - you cannot find improvement; and consequently, any treatment for receding gums will not work. 




"Why Do Gums Start To Recede?"


There are many Reasons that can start the gum recession process Such As;


Improperly Fitted crown/dental filling, causes a number of complications, for example localized gum recession. In this case, you need to immediately consult dentist to fix the issue first.

Dental injuries although they are not common but they can occur. If you have some structural damage to the teeth or gums In this case you need to consult your dentist.

Aggressive brushing and poor dental hygiene routine can result in gum recession and also can make the problem even worse. Always avoid aggressive brushing; only use a toothbrush with very soft bristles. 

Frequent brushing and flossing - You know that the dentists always advise to do frequent brushing and flossing - this is not a good advice for already receding gums. Similarly chemical-based toothpaste and oral rinse are prescribed by the majority of Dentists. Several lab studies prove that these products have harsh chemicals which can burn soft gum tissues which are already infected.


Gum Receding - The Root Cause

About 75% of population is affected by gum diseases all over the world. And it is not a secret that ignoring "oral hygiene" can easily lead to gum disease. Gum Disease is a bacterial issue, and everyone of us have these "micro organisms" in our mouth. These toxic bacteria are so small that we cannot even see them with naked eye - however they can seriously damaging our gums. If these oral bacteria are not controlled on time - they'll create plaque that may harden into tartar. 

These harmful bacteria create toxins that start to eat away the soft gum tissues that can cause Gums Recession. The warning signs and symptoms of receding gums may consist of painful gums, bleeding gums, and etc. The best solution for all of these issues is to find a powerful solution to fight against these harmful organisms.




The Effective Way To Kill Harmful Bacteria And Stop Receding Gums

How To Fix Receding Gums?


I personally have dealt with many gum issues previously due to gum disease and from my past experiences I learned what to do...... and what not to do.

In the past I spent all my savings at a gum graph procedure without any success or satisfactory results. After that, I began to browse the internet, and after a lot of research, I found that most of "Do It Yourself Solutions" are ineffective. And after hours of research I came across a natural treatment for Gums Recession “DENTAL PRO 7” produced by a professional expert with worldwide shipping - the world-wide.



It seems this herbal product have all the ingredients that can naturally eliminate harmful bacteria and heal the Gingival Recession.


Remember if harmful bacteria are under control - then Gums begin to Recover naturally - without surgical process - similar to a finger cut, if kept bacteria free.


What To Do Now?

It is very clear that the dental care products we're using aren't working or not able to eliminate the gum problems. Thus a Change can Be The Solution - Or Even - It Can Improve The Overall Condition. 

As I already mentioned - identifying the actual reason behind gingival recession can be the first step to initiate the gum regrowth process.

When your gums receded due to gum disease, I recommend you to use 1 course of Dental Pro 7 and you'll see the real difference from your own eyes. I can recommend DENTAL PRO 7 product with confidence because I also used this product instead of costly oral hygiene products and found great results and I'm also convinced with the promises of the manufacturer. If you want to try Dental Pro 7 you will be pleased to know that this product comes with 90-day money back guarantee. This means that you use Dental Pro 7 without any financial risk what so ever. 




Money Back Guarantee

If you decide - for whatever reason - that DENTAL PRO 7 hasn't shown the results, you expected - ask for a full money-back, and you will have all your money back.


I Believe It's pretty Reasonable to give this product a try.


You can't see many products of this kind that can be so confident to offer you 100% money back guarantee. 

All of my family - as well as my 80-year-old mother is using this and pleased with the results.







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Questions To Answer


Q: Can gum recession be reversed?

Answer: Yes, there are a number of methods for recollecting gum recession. One is to have your dentist create an implant and attach it to the tooth with a special grip called an osseo-integrated post. This method reverses gum recession by creating new bone above the old chewing surface, making that surface level with the gum line, which in turn makes the teeth straight again. 

Gum recession is a common problem, and many treatments are painful, expensive and still don't work. Over the counter products promise to reverse gum recession but do not deliver results. If you have tried these products in the past with no success then Dental Pro 7 is for you!

This revolutionary product was designed to help people like you get better dental health without all of the pain or expense. It has been proven to strengthen your gums so that they can grow back together naturally over time. The best part is that it's natural ingredients mean there are no side effects or other complications! 


Q: Can receding gums be repaired without surgery?

Answer:  Dental Pro 7 is a unique, 100% natural formula that can repair receding gums without periodontal surgery. Millions of people suffer from gum disease and tooth loss because they don't know about this revolutionary product. The ingredients in Dental Pro 7 have been used for decades to treat gum disease and improve oral health. Now you can use it too! This powerful dental care system has helped thousands of people avoid the pain and expense of tooth loss caused by periodontal disease. 


Q: How much does it cost to fix receding gums?

Answer:  The average cost to fix receding gums is $800-$2500, depending on the procedure. Procedures include gum grafts (harvesting tissue from other areas of the mouth or body and then transplanted into the mouth), gum lifts (to plump up loose gums), collagen injection treatments (to create thicker more robust-looking skin) and nasal blockage treatments which are performed under conscious sedation or general anesthesia. For lower budgets, one could also buy a fabricator gum mass created by 3D-print technology which can be used as an alternative treatment option.

The cost can vary depending on what type of work is being done. The average price for a fill ranges from $150-$400, but the true answer depends upon your case and location in which you are getting treatment at as well.


Q: What Type of Surgery Is Used to Treat Gum Recession?

A connective tissue graft, also known as a soft tissue graft, is the most usually performed operation.  The type of surgery used to treat gum recession is called gum graft. This technique involves taking a piece of tissue from the roof of your mouth and attaching it to the receded area.

Gum recession occurs when there's an over-abundance of pressure on your gums, such as tooth brushing with too much force, or using your teeth to brush your teeth. It can also happen due to a lot of grinding at night while you're asleep (bruxism). The bone beneath the gums starts shrinking because it doesn't have enough blood flow in this area, causing the skin that holds these tissues in place herniate and expose whatever is underneath it - which could be raw nerves or even muscle tissue.

Professional Treatments To Fix Receding Gums

The most effective treatment for receding gums is a process called tooth scaling and root planing, which removes calculus and plaque that have built up on the root surface and any pockets of infection, inflammation or decay. Scaling also preps the area so that the patient's next dental visit will make leaning back against the chair more comfortable.

Scaling accomplished via two methods: mechanical scraping or ultrasonic cleaning, both of which can be either manual or powered by an electric toothbrush. As a result of scaling and root planing, inflammation can be reduced; erosion stopped and sometimes reversed; infection removed resulting in gum grafting if necessary to cover exposed tooth root; caries eliminated; uneven surfaces planed off with scalers, chisels and mineral trioxide aggregate ; and the whole process can be painless.

- Insert dental implant, crown and then fit tooth to prevent recession of the gum

- Use laser therapy. 

- Grafts can be used to achieve results as long as they're matched, cleaned and restored correctly. 

If it's not a localised problem, make sure you visit your dentist for an examination to see whether other treatments are needed such as surgical intervention. If needed though we still recommend the above 2 techniques mentioned before surgery is done but don't forget that nothing will hold up against time so get in contact with us soon if you haven't already!

Pinhole Surgical Technique

Pinhole Surgical Technique is an effective alternative to lasik surgery for correcting certain vision defects. Pinhole surgery takes advantage of the body's natural ability to heal itself. As the eye heals, new corneal tissue and clear fluid form in front of it. This creates a "pinhole" or narrow opening that allows light rays to pass through this opening directly onto the retina, rather than being softened by a superficial layer of tissue as they are in conventional surgeries. Light rays go straight from your eye into your brain so you can see clearly again without eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Recently I underwent dental implant surgery using the pinhole surgical procedures. This procedure was a lot more complex than I anticipated it turning out, as what began as an extraction quickly turned into multiple surgical treatment. After returning home from the hospital, my spouse had to take me back to the ER because of a severe infection and general weakness. Upon returning home again, my jaw continued to get worse until I could no longer open or close my mouth without tremendous discomfort.

Some Truth About Receding Gums

A healthy smile is important to your overall health and well-being. As you age, your teeth begin to shift around in their sockets due a buildup of plaque on the tooth's roots which causes gum recession or receding gums. One way to fight this problem before it gets worse is by making trips back into our office for regular cleanings every six months as needed with no additional treatment necessary at that time unless indicated otherwise.

The truth about "receding gums" is that it's really nothing more than a myth. Of course, when people spend a lot of time brushing their teeth and vigorously scrubbing their gums, they can't help but make them look less visible. Increased oral hygiene causes more blood flow to the gums which increases swelling in the tissues around them and makes them appear smaller. 

When the gums recede, it becomes a lot easier for plaque to accumulate around the teeth and cause tooth decay, which can lead to tooth loss. An older mouth has more bacteria than a younger one and this leads to increased oral health problems from time to time. Tooth loss is happening in America at an alarming rate of 1 out of every 4 people over 40 years old! It's essential that you get your teeth checked by your dentist every 6 months for preventative measures since there is no way to regenerate lost tooth tissue once it has been removed by dental surgery, abscess treatment or extraction due a dental problem.

Natural Remedies To Fix Receding Gums

There are several natural remedies for treating receding gums. The best approach is to prevent and slow the process by eating a proper diet that's rich in whole food, clean water, cutting down on sugar in particular for the teeth due to its natural decay-causing properties, and using top of the line holistic dentistry products such as gum treatment mouthwash which feature natural remedies. In terms of diet-- if your gums are receding from plaque buildup then removing fat from the diet will help extract plaque buildup that causes inflammation which leads to further destruction of gums! Eat more raw fruits and vegetables since they're full of enzymes that help break down lactose and sugars.

Receding gums can be corrected without surgery as long as the proper steps are taken to prevent and slow down the process. These include eating a proper diet, cutting down on sugar in particular for teeth due to its natural decay-causing properties, using holistic dentistry products and top of the line gum treatment mouthwash featuring natural remedies such as those found in organic fruits or vegetables which contain enzymes that break down lactose and sugar so they're easier on your teeth! 

Gum recession can be remedied with a quick rinse using salt water. This technique is done by filling your mouth with the salty liquid, holding it for ten seconds and then spitting out of you mouth. Repeat this procedure twice each day until gum health improves or symptoms stop occurring altogether.

The recent discovery of a new use for Tea Tree Oil has been ongoing and is now confirming its usefulness. A team at Sydney's Westmead Hospital found that by applying just 1 drop 3 times per day, gum recession could be treated effectively without invasive surgery. This research will change lives forever as it provides an alternative treatment option which doesn't require needles or any other surgical intervention whatsoever.

Hydrogen Peroxide is another natural remedy and a perfect solution to treat gum recession. The chemical properties of hydrogen peroxide will work as an antiseptic and kill any bacteria that may be present in the mouth, but also leaves your teeth bright white!

Turmeric's healing powers are well-known, but did you know that it can also help with gum disease? It is not only used in cooking to add color and flavor, but as a treatment for receding gums. Aloe Vera gel is a great way to keep your teeth healthy. Your situation can be improved by injecting Aloe Vera gel into inflamed gums. Green tea can help to avoid gum disease and promote the health of your gums and teeth. Every day, drink one or two cups of green tea.