Adding the right baby bedding to a crib will turn even the plainest crib into one, which is fit for a prince or a princess. These days, baby beddings, come in such wonderful sets and colors that they make all adults nostalgic. Polyester yarns for ribbon  One can find numerous infant bedding sets, which come combined with trimmings such as a quilt, buffer pad, dust ruffle, fitted sheet etc. Sets may also consist of a stacker for diapers and valance.

Now let us see what will work wonders for a little boys room. A crib baby bedding set in 6 pieces- quilt, dust ruffle, sheet, diaper stacker, bumper and curtains- called the Lil' Ducky is available from Lambs and Ivy. It is finished in beautiful colors of baby blue and lime green with a profusion of endearing ducks of all sizes.
If you have been blessed with a cute little girl, you just have to have the Disney's Princess bedding set for her, for which small girl doesnt daydream of being a princess? The 4 piece set, perfect for a girls room, comprises of a quilt, a three-sided buffer pad, a fitted sheet and a cushioned headboard which shows characters such as Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Cinderella in two dimensions.

If you are interested in purchasing a set, which is cute, and at the same time practical by being totally machine washable, you can check out the Baby Snoopy 3-piece set of a comforter, an 8″ elevated bumper pad and a built-in sheet. It is 50% polyester, 50% cotton and has 100% polyester fiberfill. Your little ones room will develop a great individuality by having Snoopy and Woodstock in it as his first pals.

Another charming set, which will look amazing in your kids nursery, is Winnie the Pooh or the Sunny Hunny Days crib set. It is a very popular set for both babies as well as toddlers. It comes with 4 pieces- a quilt, a three-sided bumper cushion, a fitted sheet and bonus bumper padding for the cribs headboard. The headboard comes decked with a 3 dimensional piglet with sunflowers, which will cheer up any room.

And here lets not forget the ubiquitous Mickey Mouse. Who doesnt love Mickey Mouse and his pals? Will you not love it when your child snuggles up with Baby Mickey and Baby Minnie, just the way you used to do? Disney offers you Mickey & Pals 4-piece Baby bedding set, which constitutes the same four pieces as Winnie the Pooh set. The headboard bumper, however, of course displays Baby Mickey and Minnie in 2D. This set is sure to never go out of style.
If you dont want to buy complete sets, you can instead mix and match. Eco-friendly polyester yarn Mixing plain color sheets with cute quilts is a great idea. This can also end up giving you great value for money, as with a little bit of ingenuity and effort you are sure to unearth baby-bedding products that go very well together.