PC Resources

Many times in the classroom we are looking for resources that are easily available on the Mac, but not on our PC. This causes frustration and often end up detering future exploration of that resource. I have found a few resources that allow PCs to compete with Mac, allowing teachers and students to create innovative projects easily.

Video pad video editor is comparable to imovie. You can easily import media and edit the video. Video pad also makes converting slideshows into movies easy. You can convert any keynote or powerpoint to jpgs and import the slides as pictures into video pad.

Screenr is my favorite technology facilitator tool. Screenr is a website that allows you to create five minute tutorials by recording whats on your desktop. While this works on both PC and Mac, it is more beneficial to PC users. Mac users with the Leapard operating system can do essentially the same thing by using quicktime 10. The only difference is that Screenr hosts the video, so it can easily be imbedded in a website or blog. If you use Quicktime you must also use iMovie to edit the video, add audio, and export to you tube or another video hosting site. The only drawback is the lack of editing capability on the site. But that can be ignored if you download your video into videopad to edit and splice together. To learn more watch this video.