My Philosophy

 My philosophy of education is based on the understanding that students thrive in classrooms that have a positive, nurturing environment that both encourages academic growth, and reinforces a student’s sense of wellbeing.  I believe it is the teacher’s responsibility to create and maintain this positive classroom environment.  A teacher has the responsibility of maintaining an organized classroom where students know the expectations, procedures and rules.  This environment must allow students the sense of safety and security necessary for the demonstration of their unique talents and abilities.  I believe that a teacher should seek input from students when developing and presenting classroom expectations, procedures and rules so that each student feels some sense of responsibility and ownership in the classroom.  It is the teacher’s responsibility to maintain classroom management, not through extrinsic rewards or consequences, but rather, by challenging students through the use of the following: 1) quality curriculum that is standards based, 2) effective teaching strategies that are interesting and engaging for the students, and 3) fair and appropriate assessments which give students feedback that both encourages self confidence and creates within each student a desire to achieve academic success. It is my philosophy and belief that I need to be an exemplary leader -  working with all members of the school community to prepare students for the future.  I educate students with quality instruction so that all students will achieve and succeed.