Strategies for how to do betting on football

Now that you have become familiar with the main football markets, we offer you a series of tips for Football Betting. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula, but you can get an interesting yield if you bet intelligently.

There is different type of strategories

Bet on a draw

As explained above, the draw offers odds that normally exceed 2/1 (3) before the game. These odds are tenderer than those of the favorite, so if you are able to guess which match will end in a draw, your winnings will be more than interesting.


Many cases deny the tie because they feel that they are in no man's land. This sometimes offers an additional value that you can use in your favor. Also, when you bet on a draw, you always start the game by winning.

Follow the news of the teams

Injuries, penalties and last minute changes in the alignment can have a considerable impact on the performance of a team. Follow the news regularly throughout the week to keep abreast of the situation of the team you want to bet on.

Know the rules

Take help of Basketball Predictions, but there are many others that may make you want to try something new. Make sure you fully understand the conditions of your bet before playing your money.

For example, many of the pre-split bets only cover 90 minutes, so if there is an extension, it will not count towards your bet. Fortunately, the big bookmakers clearly collect their rules in the help section. If in doubt, check it out.

Main competitions to bet on

It is common sense to bet on football matches and tournaments that we know. If not, all you will do is thrown a coin in the air and risk money silly, which can only end badly. When it comes to Football Picks, stay within your comfort zone.

Premier League

The most exciting league in the world (or the most overrated), depends on your point of view, runs between August and May each season. Even during the summer holidays, you can continue betting on the advance market or the specials on signings.