Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the yearbooks handed out in the fall instead of the spring?
If we were to distribute our book in the spring it would have to be done by March.  This means that many of the school activities and sports would be left out of the book completely.  These activities include the following:  Powder-Puff Football; Exceptional Olympics; the talent show; the spring musical; the prom; all of graduation including the Top 10, Top 25, Valedictorian, and Salutatorian; Senior Awards Night; Senior Good-Bye; the last day of school; sports:  boys' tennis, boys' and girls' track, softball, and baseball.
How can students get their books autographed if they're handed out in the fall?
The students are given autograph book sections in the spring to have signed.  These have a gummed section on them that allows the autograph section to be added into the book.
My son or daughter will be away at college in the fall.  How will he/she get his/her book?
Traditionally the books have been picked up at the school in the fall, before or after school.  Now the publishing company, Taylor, offers parents the opportunity to have their books mailed to them in the fall if they so desire.  This helps out the seniors who have graduated, who would prefer not to come back to pick up their books.
Why are yearbooks so expensive?
Our book is very comparable in price to that of other schools in the area.  The Clock is 208 pages in full color and is 9" X 12" in size.  Please be assured that we don't sell the books as a fund-raiser, which means that we don't add any costs to the book in order to "make money".  We sell the yearbook for the exact price that the publisher charges us.