Ordering Your 2011 Book

You will be able to order your copy of the 2011 Perry High School Yearbook ONLINE at smart-pay.com.


Would you like to congratulate your graduating son or daughter with a personal tribute in the 2011 PHS yearbook.  Please contact Mrs. Minor for an order form at minor@perrylocal.org

Letters offering parents the opportunity to purchase a 2011 yearbook will be sent out the weeks of March 4, 2011 and March 25, 2011.

Ordering is EASY!


Visit www.smart-pay.com and enter your customer number.  This number is on the letter that you will receive in the mail, providing you with the opportunity to order your yearbook.  If you DO NOT have a customer number, you may create a new account yourself and order your book.


Fill out the bottom portion of the letter that you receive in the mail and send it in with your payment, using the enclosed envelope.  If you did not receive this letter or threw it away, you will receive another one in late winter.  Please respond at that time.


You will receive a second letter offering you the opportunity to order a yearbook.  The deadline on this letter will be April 15, 2011. 

The company must have payment by the date stated.  A postmark after the date will not be accepted. 

If we receive an extension on that date, it will be posted here when available. 

Partial payments WILL BE ACCEPTED BY Smart-Pay and assure that a book is held for you.  You may send in your balance later on in the spring.  There is a small fee for this service.

You may check the status of your order by going online at the Smart-Pay website.