Classroom Tech Rules

Many teachers are bringing technology tools into the classroom to engage and enhance the learning experience of their students. However, with regular use of the Internet and apps, teachers are required to add a new set of rules to their classroom in order to dictate the proper behavior and use of technology.

The following rules give students the freedom to use these new tools without abusing or damaging the privilege.

1. Only visit internet sites that are approved by the teacher.

Keep posters around classroom computers or tablet centers to remind students that there are places they can and cannot go when browsing.

2. Never give out personal information

Make it a clear rule to students that it is important to keep their information private. This will avoid issues with the parents while keeping students safe.

3. Tell your teacher if you see something inappropriate or uncomfortable

Inappropriate graphics or instances of cyber bullying may confuse a student. Remind them to talk to you the moment this happens and that they should never let it go on for too long.

4. Do not download anything without the teacher’s permission

Even if it is a file or an app, downloading something can put your equipment and networks at risk.

5. Leave your work space the way you found it

This is important as students go from activity station to activity station and shuffle between computers and tablets.

6. Print only if you have the permission to

Students may see something they like and will want to print it. If you have a printer in your classroom, this is an important rule that is a must.

7. Never change settings without the teacher’s permission

This is important for the safety settings that control anti-virus protection and block certain websites that may be harmful to students.

8. Make sure to place devices on chargers when they are not in use.

Remind your students to charge the equipment when they are done with them. This should be a must-have rule.

9. Be gentle with the mouse and keyboard

Make sure that your students know how to handle expensive technology. Take away privileges when they misuse or mishandle the equipment such as slamming the mouse or keyboard or touching the screen on non-touch screen devices.

10. Do not drink or eat near devices

Spilling a drink on the keyboard can break it, so be sure to remind students that they will have technology privileges taking away from them if they break this rule.

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