Student Safety

Being safe on the internet is an important thing to remember. Sometimes, students can end up on the wrong websites and accidentally give out personal information without meaning to. In order to avoid this, here are some rules to go by. 


Kid’s Rules for Online Safety

If you’re unsure of anything when you are online, ask an adult to help you.

Don’t sign up for anything that you are not old enough to sign up for. There are reasons for age limits.

Remember to not share your personal information online. This includes your full name, address, phone number, password, or your plans. In short, remember this as YAPPY.

Don’t add anyone to be your friend unless you know them in real life or have gotten your parents permission. Talk with your parent before arranging to meet any online friends.

You cannot believe everything you believe on the internet and nothing that your online friends tell you.

Choose appropriate names for email addresses, usernames, and other things.

Let your parents know what you’re doing online and where you are going.

Be aware of cyber bullying and tell someone if it is happening to you. This occurs when someone annoys you, embarrasses you, picks on you, or even threatens you multiple times using technology, such as over the phone or the internet.

Don’t put anything online that you wouldn’t want anyone to see. You always want to protect your digital footprint.

Be sure to treat other people online the way you want to be treated. The same goes for in real life, too.

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