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When talking about the classroom, four things that comes to mind is teaching, communication, classroom management, and technology.


What many people do not realize is that teaching is so much more than standing in front of the class lecturing or doing worksheets. Not all students learn the same way. Some need visual forms to learn while others only need to hear the instructions and they know what to do, while others need to be hands on to learn the material. A teacher has to make modifications to their lesson plans so that every student is able to learn the material. That might include the use of picture boards, reading a chapter, or using flash cards. The lesson must be formed around the students, instead of trying to make the lesson into one size fits all.


Communication is extremely important when teaching. The teacher and the parents have to work together to reach the common goal of ensuring that the student learns the material. An open door policy is a good place to start. Send out weekly progress reports and monthly newsletters so that parents know what is going on in the classroom. Try to set up a quick meeting at least once a month with each child's parents so that any concerns can be discussed and a plan put in place if need be.


Classroom management is all about keeping the students engaged. If a teacher doesn't keep the students engaged, they will find their own way of being engaged and that leads to utter chaos. Start the day off with a mind warm up, or make part of the lesson interactive, also limit the lecture part because most students do not have a long attention span.


Technology is also important in the classroom. Most people equate technology with computers, ipads, or mobile phones. There are many forms of technology that range from low-tech, like picture boards, to high-tech like an ipad. All forms will help in the classroom.