How to Smoke a Simplified Hookah for Beginners

Hookahs are a type of water pipe that has been used since ancient times, over 500 years ago. They started as a cultural staple of India and the Middle East. Today, many people around the world visit place where they can enjoy Hookah or have Hookahs in their homes.


Learn the basics of Hookah hardware

  • There are some important Hookah Charcoalelements you should know before smoking. These basics are useful for installing in the growing popularity of homes and Hookah bars.
  • The bowl is the piece that sits on the Hookah and holds the shisha. Hot coal is used to heat the shisha so that it can be smoked. The tray is located at the bottom of the Hookah bowl and helps catch the ash from coal.
  • The base contains water to cool the shisha smoke. Filters smoke to reduce lung irritation when inhaled. Coal Burner is also used.
  • The hose contains a mouthpiece for smoking the Hookah. The user pulls a hose to remove smoke from the water pipe. Hookas can use one or more hoses when multiple people are smoking.

Preparing a Hookah for a proper smoking session

  • The correct amount of water is important when installing water pipes. This allows smoke to move through the water pipes easily.
  • To set up the Hookah, remove the shaft and add cold water to the base. The tip of the stem should be slightly submerged in about 1 inch of water. Then put the shaft back into the Hookah base.
  • Secure the hose to the hole on the side of the Hookah. These need to be tightly sealed. The bowl fits on the shaft, and you are ready to add shisha.

Pack and prepare the Hookah bowl

  • Hookah Mouth Tipshelp how to use of tobacco called shisha.
  • Shisha has popular fruit flavors such as apples and lemons. Some people prefer to add a little marijuana to make it more effective.
  • Start by putting a small piece of shisha in a bowl. Be careful not to over tighten. Over tightening can clog the bowl.
  • Heat the embers and then add to the top of the bowl. Place them on the foil and wait a few minutes for the shisha to heat up.


Suck Hookah

  • To start smoking, inhale deeply with a hose. Common etiquette is to drink the puff several times and then let the next person smoke. It rotates clockwise, and one person smokes at a time.
  • There are also techniques on how to smoke a Hookah to thicken the smoke. Hookah smoking may include different styles of bowl packages. You can also use a variety of liquids for the base, such as milk.

Cleaning and caring for the Hookah

  • Keeping the Hookah in good condition will help remove debris and deposits. This will give you a smoother and more pleasing shisha flavour.
  • It is best to use mild soap with warm water to clean the base and other parts of the Hookah. Using a removable Hookah mouthpiece is the key to avoiding bacteria.