Asur Season 2 Release date, Plot, Star Cast


Asur Season 2 is one of the highly awaited series by the audience on voot platform since its first season has been released on the platform, if you are reading this blog to get to know about the release date of the second season of the series then this is the blog where you will find the answer. 

Plot and cast of Asur season 2 for the readers –

The base of the story movies around the judicial expert Nikhil Nair and his training which is undergoing in FBI and the story is about the tension between the precise and terrifying as well as the implications for human justice along with inequality. 

Actor – Character 

Arshad Warsi – Dhanajay 

Gaurav Arora – Kesar Bhardwaj 

Barun Sobti – Nikhil Nair 

Anvita Sudarshan – Raina Singh 

Sunanya Bailey – Lolark’s wife 

Sharib Hashmi – Lolark 

Sajid Sheikh – Jai Zaveri 

Bondi Sharma – Ankit Sharma 

Jayant Raina – Radha Charan Joshi 

Amey Wagh – Rasool Sheikh/ Shubh Joshi 

Goenka – Naina Nair 

Ridhi Dogra – Nusrat Saeed 

Vishesh Bansal – Shubh Joshi/ Kishore 

Nishank Veram – Samarth Ahuja 

Pawan Chopra – Shashank Awasthi 

Archak Chhabra – Aditya Jalan 

Aditya lal – Moksha 

Deepak Kazir – Neelkanth Joshi

Release date of second season of Asur series – 

As for Asur Season 2 release date, according to the sources it is said, the second season of the series is set to be released later this year possibly in November or December of 2023. 

So, you have to wait for few more months before you get to watch the second season of the series Asur. 

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