How Do I Get My Spotify Pie Chart?

The most popular music streaming app Spotify highlights the top songs, artists, genres, and many more that specific users preferred.  But many of us are still not aware of Spotify wrapped 2022, a new website discovered by Darren Huang  “Spotify Pie”. Many users are sharing their favorite genre artists on their pie charts.

To get delved into the Spotify pie chart, we are here with this post. Have a look.


What is Spotify Pie Chart


A pie chart is a visual representation that analyzes your listening and divides data into different categories, using slices of a circular pie to show the proportion of each category. It is a common way to display data in a visually appealing and easily understandable format. 

Spotify Pie chart does not reveal your favorite music but lists your preferences and displays it with a colorful chart. It categorizes each song into very specific genres and creates your personal pie based on your preferences. 


How to Get Spotify Pie Chart


 Do you wish to get your own spotify pie chart. ? Follow the steps to get your Spotify pie charts


  • Open any browser and navigate to the Spotify pie website.

  • Click on the green “login to Spotify” button to sign in to your Spotify account.

  • Enter your login credentials on the respective field.

  • Hit the “Login” button

  • After getting a permission request, click on the “Agree button” to continue.

  • Now Spotify Pie will generate a pie chart that features your top music genres along with the top artists.


Scrolling down to the chart, you can now view or share your Spotify Pie chart with your friends or family. You can view your Spotify pie chart and can see the stats of your Spotify music. It is a cool way to express your likes.


For further details you must visit the site once.