Is the Demon Slayer manga fully finished?


Demon Slayer manga is an anime TV series, released in 2019, that amused viewers worldwide. After ruling the fans' hearts, the popular series is coming to an end soon. This series ended with its final chapter 205 leaving behind a glance at the remaining living characters and their successors. Fans are curious to know about the ending chapter of Demon Slayer manga.

This article contains a summary of the ending chapter of Demon Slayer. Read it now.

How do the Demon Slayer manga series end?

The Demon Slayer manga series starts with the story of Kamado Tajiro whose family was smashed by a demon. His sister converted into a demon in this incident and Tajiro begins his revenge journey where he meets various demon slayers and how they helped him to conclude his revenge.

The Demon Slayer manga online series spellbound the viewers all the time. The ending chapter is split into two different parts – 204 and 205.

Chapter 204 is a tribute to all the survivors of the demon slayer series who survived in the final battle with Muzan, whereas, chapter 205 is a future segment. In this chapter, the story concludes with the remaining character Tajiro, and his friends' resurrection and their successors.