Newtumbl Has Been Shut Down Know Why

Launched in 2018 New Tumble is a popular microblogging platform where users can post anything without being worried about the removal of the content. As an alternative to Tumblr, New Tombi is introduced to post your adult content or whatever you wish.


But recently it has been noticed that New Tumble gets downed as it is not working.


You might be wondering what happened to New Tumble to a stop suddenly. 

To get updated about the newtumbl shut down read on the post. We will explore everything about it in this post. 


What Was New Tumble


Replacement of the adult content posting platform Tumblr, New Tumble was introduced in early of 2019. It is a famous blogging platform and is called the virtual home to bloggers to express anything that they wish. 

Simply anyone can post any type of blog or content and the platform enables them to showcase freedom of speech. The platform embraces all types of writers regardless of their interests or content and can express their speech in any way they desire.


Moreover, New Tumble has not given up on struggling to attract users and continue operating. But due to various technical glitches, new tumble is unable to do so and shuts down.

However, it is not officially announced by the operators of it, still, the site is not working currently. 


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Why is New Tumble Disabled 


 Here are few reasons for newtumbl shut down


  • Being a small team, New Tumble lacks various resources to keep continuing the site.

  • Most of the users are not interested in the content of the site and are unable to attract visitors to it.

  •  Various other social media platforms have given tough competition to the New Tumble and are unable to survive.

  • Due to the ban on adult content, newtumble was unable to attract users interested in it.