One Punch Man Season 3: Know About Release Date

The return of Saitama and Genos is on the horizon, but the ongoing production challenges create uncertainties around its release date.


This guide discusses the release date of the highly anticipated one punch man season 3, including its plot, monster association and more. 




After the confirmation of Season 3 in August 2022, the One Punch Man makers left the fans in suspense. They released a teaser from the character designer Chikashi Kubota. However, there's nothing more to it. The release date and production studio remain a big mystery to the audience. 


Monster Association 


It is reported that the storyline will pick up from the final episode of Season 2 which means it will dive into the Monster Association arc from the manga’s subsequent chapters. 


Key Characters: Orochi, Garou and S-Class Heroes


It is reported that the Monster Kind, Orochi, will make a comeback. Also, Garou from Season 2 will continue his quest for power. 


Battles and Twists 


After the impeccable battle scenes in Season 2, Season 3 also promises intense battles as S-Class heroes confront the Monster Association. One of the highest-ranking heroes, Blast, will add complexities to the narrative. Also, the omniscient entity “God” will add unpredictable twists to the plot. 


The Role of Saitama 


Due to higher stakes, Saitama won't stay on the sidelines. He might assume a less prominent role because of the inconvenient location of the monster headquarters beneath his house. 


Release Date of One Punch Man Season 3 


Even though the makers have confirmed the return of one punch man with Season 3, the release date has not been released yet. It is reported that it will be released in mid-2024. 


To conclude 


This article provides insight into the one punch man season 3 release date, along with the expected storyline, characters and more. 

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