Top 8 Best Punjabi Singer In The World


The Punjabi music industry over the years has earned a huge name not just in the homeland of India and Pakistan but also worldwide. The high-beat groovy songs are even preferred by foreigners outside. But, can we credit Punjabi songs without crediting the singers? Well, I guess not. Most of the time, a song becomes good just because our favorite Punjabi singer is in it. But, keeping the world in perspective who are the reigning Punjabi Singers in the world right now? Well, in this article, we will just be looking at that. So, stick to the end. 

  1. AP Dhillon

It should not come as a shock that AP tops the list of the best Punjabi singers, some even may take it as far as calling him the no.1 Punjabi singer. The five songs Dhillon put out went viral one after the other, giving him the name and fame he had always wanted.

  1. Babbu Maan

Actor, songwriter, singer, producer, and music director Tejinder Babbu Maan, better known by his stage name Babbu Maan, is well-known in India. Sajjan Rumaal De Gaya, Babbu Maan's debut album, was released in 1997, and ever since he became a sensation worldwide.

  1. Guru Randhawa

Guru was selected as the top Punjabi singer for 2020 and the Indian artist who received the most YouTube streams. We should recognize his enormous contribution to Punjabi music.

  1. Sidhu Moosewala

The late singer left an indelible mark on people’s hearts with his strong musical sensibilities. At an early age, he achieved prominence in the Punjabi music scene. Sidhu moose He started his career as a songwriter and was born in Canada.

  1. Diljit Dosanjh

Diljit Dosanjh was born on January 6, 1984. He is a singer, actor, and producer who made his screen debut in both Punjabi and Hindi Bollywood films. His tracks fall under a variety of musical categories, such as party songs, love songs, Bhangra, pop songs, and hip-hop songs.

  1. Milind Gaba

The songs 4 Men Down and stupid 7 served as the basis for Milind's acting and singing debuts. Some of his well-known songs include Welcome Back, Yaar Mod Do, and Main Tan V Pyar Karda among others.

  1. Gippy Grewal

Gippy Grewal is a well-known Punjabi actor, singer, director, and producer that has earned himself quite a lot of fame.. In the Punjabi music scene, his tune Phulkari was a tremendous hit.

  1. B Praak

B Praak became well-known as a result of his song "Teri Mitti." He is a skilled lyricist and musician from Punjab. He first became well-known for being a renowned music composer who wrote several well-known Punjabi songs

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