Ugly Disney Characters Which is Love By The People

When we say Disney, people start thinking about heroic and princess tales. Cinderella, Thumbelina, Eric, etc are the characters that one can think of. But could they get that much importance if the Disney channel won't show some ugly villain characters? How would you define beauty without ugliness? 



It is necessary to understand that beauty just lies within and not on the outer look. Disney has made efforts by creating some ugly creatures and people love them because of their talent. Here we have defined some top Disney characters considered ugly.


List of some loving Disney ugly characters


In every animated show on Disney, you will find an ugly character but as loving and admirable as the prettiest ones.


  1. Mother Gothel- Tangled:

Her desire to be beautiful and young for years, she first stole the magical powers from a flower and then baby Rapunzel in a tower.


  1. The Fates- Hercules:

They are the trio of sister goddesses who took control of the thread of life (from birth to death). They are shown horribly with various weapons according to their tasks.


  1. Ursula- The Little Mermaid:

Ursula is a sea witch and in Disney, the characters are shown as horrible. Heavy with makeup and jewelry, she is one of the most ugly Disney characters.


  1. Roz- Monsters Inc.:

She is a supervisor of Monsters Inc. and with a soft corner heart, she sometimes ends up giving good advice. She uses human kids to get monster energy.


  1. Madame Medusa- The Rescuers:

A greedy pawn shop owner, and antagonist, Medusa exploits Penny (an orphaned mouse) for her greed.


  1. Maleficent- Sleeping Beauty:

She is a purple witch who cursed Princess Aurora on her 16th birthday to die.


  1. Jafar- Aladin

  2. Alameda Slim

  3. Queen of Hearts- Alice in Wonderland

  4. The Evil Queen- Snow White

  5. Dr. Facilier- The Princess and the Frog

  6. Yzma- The Emperor's New Groove

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