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About COVID-19

We know this is a particularly difficult period in our time. Humanity together is experiencing something unique. However, we will come out of this challenge strong. It will have served a great awakening in ourselves and better understanding among people. While we pray for a quick ending to this sad situation of confinement and social distancing, my thoughts go to all those who have lost the lives of loved ones. 

Most would agree the time to stay focused and purposeful has never been so crucial, especially for our students. You (students) represent the future of this country and the world's. It is important that you do all within your capacity to play a positive part in this global fight against the pandemic COVID-19 creating chaos and revealing weaknesses of systems thought of being the strongest in the world. For the time being, your part is to follow the CDC guidelines to stay healthy and keep everyone you are interacting with healthy. Never have the characteristics of being a hero seem so plain, staying home and accepting voluntary confinement. These are the true characteriscs of the hero of this time. Stay home, be a hero.