Chemistry...It's All Around Us! ! !

Ms. Eubanks

Chemistry...It's All Around Us! ! !

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Chemistry is the study of how all matter interacts. Every substance that our world consists of is a chemical. This website will offer my high school students important information that will aid them in understanding basic chemical concepts and maintaining a positive grade in Chemistry at Trezevant High School.


Evaluating how science plays an important role in our environment will be one of the main focuses of this semester.  The Greenhouse effect, ozone issues, bioplastics, biodiesel fuel, alternative energy sources, and recycling are just a small portion of the numerous ways science affects our communities on a local and global scale.  Emphasis will be placed on team building, integration of technology, and hands-on learning/inquiry based labs(laboratory experiments).  The job market of the future is changing.  The workforce will demand workers who have a scientific/technological background.  The concepts students learn in chemistry and other related sciences will help them compete for jobs in the future.  There are many valuable employment opportunities in the science field.  Scienctific research will  give us higher standards of living worldwide and healthier environments for living and producing food, as well as, cutting edge creative technology that will boost communication and produce stable economies.   In addition, the Tennessee Electronic Library is a wonderful resource that has a host of information. We will consistently utilize this resource to supplement our text and expand our view of scientific issues that are constantly changing in the world we live in. 

Students who lack strong math skills and/or study habits will be encouraged to attend tutoring.  Tutoring will be held on Mondays and Tuesdays from 2:30 - 4:00 p.m.  Parents Please insist that students behave in an acceptable manner in the classroom and look over their notes daily to avoid low test grades, low class grades, and/or negative conduct marks and suspensions. 

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PREREQUISITE SKILLS: (recommended)                                         

  •  Algebra
  • Physical Science
  • Positive Study Habits


  • American Chemical Society Interships
  • Summer Workshops
  • Community Service Projects


  • Atomic Structure(written report)
  • Research Report(TBA)
  • Brochure: What is Chemistry?
  • Exhibition Project
  • Projected Lifestyle Project
  • Laboratory Reports Laboratory experiment


  1. Chemical Change                                                                                                                                          
  2. States of matter/Heat & Energy
  3. Edothermic/Exothermic Reactions
  4. Building Thermometers
  5. Percent Composition
  6. Saponification of Soap
  7. Synthesis of Biodiesel Fuel