Chemistry – Syllabus


Instructor:  Ms. Eubanks   School Phone:  901-416-3760

Planning Block: 2nd Block(T,Th)       e-mail:

Tutoring:  Monday and Tuesday - 2:30 - 4:00 p.m.


Text Used:  Holt Chemistry

Authors:  R. Thomas Meyers, PhD. & Keith B. Oldham D.Sc.

Additional Resource: Tennessee Electronic Library


Goals :

  • To study atomic structure, matter and energy, and their interactions.
  • To investigate the properties of solutions and acids and bases.

SPI’s Targeted:

  • 1.1 Compare and contrast various models of the atom as they have emerged historically from the Greeks to the modern electron-cloud model.
  • 1.2  investigate the basic organization of the modern periodic table, including atomic number and atomic properties.
  • 1.3  describe models of the atom in terms of orbital, electron configuration, orbital notation, quantum numbers and electron-dot structures.
  • 1.4  investigate the composition of the nucleus so as to explain isotopes and nuclear reactions.
  • 1.5 relate the spectral lines of an atom’s emission spectrum to the transiton of electrons between different energy levels within an atom.
  • 2.1 the students will investigate the characteristics of matter.
  • 2.2 the students will explore the interactions of matter and energy.
  • 3.1  investigate chemical bonding
  • 3.2 analyze chemical reactions.
  • 3.3 explore the mathematics of chemical formulas and equations.

Major Project/Requirements;

  • Research Papers
  • Classroom Participation
  • Laboratory Experiments/Inquiry Labs 
  • Scientific Notebook
  • Chemistry Brochure
  • Exhibition Project
  • Article Responses

Grading Policy:

  • Tests – 20%                             Class  work – 45%                  Homework –10%
  • Quizzes –15%                        Bell  work – 10%


Students will be evaluated using formal and alternative assessments, teacher observation, class room participation, and performance tasks.