Algebra Review
This website offers a great Algebra information and review. It also has a tutorial that is helpful.

American Chemical Society
American Chemical Society
This website gives information about the American Chemical Society. The American Chemical Society offers summer internship opportunities called Project Seed.

Physical and Chemical Changes
Students will be able to access a quiz on chemical/physical changes.

Chemical and Physical Changes
This website explains the difference between chemical and physical changes.

Periodic Table
Interactive periodic table website.

Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions
This website contains valuable information about the different types of reactions. It also has links to laboratory experiments(one of which we will attempt in our classroom) and other pertinent information for high school chemistry students.

Heat and Temperature
This website compares and contrasts heat and temperature.

Accuracy and Precision
This website gives detailed information about accuracy and precision. It also has links to deviation and variance,metric conversions, and temperature scale conversions.

Periodic Table Websites
History of the Periodic Table-New World Encyclopedia
History of the periodic table. From New World Encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search ... devised an early form of periodic table.

Brief History of the Development of the Periodic Table
Provides a historical summary of the periodic table.

History of the Periodic Table
A summary of the historical development of the Periodic Table suitable for use by high ... History of the Periodic Table of the Elements

The Periodic Table of Elements
Place for science students and teachers to discover the advantages of a 3D periodic table of the elements.

Research Paper Format
APA Research Paper Format
This webpage gives detailed information regarding the APA research paper format.

lab safety
Laboratory safety
This website provides detailed information about laboratory safety in a high school setting.