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History of Muffin Pans


Muffin has long back history which dates back to centuries. But cakes in the past were totally different from what we enjoy today. Cakes were a lot like bread. The first advanced baking and first cake was baked in ancient Egypt. Modern iced cakes are supposed to be dated back from the mid 17th century in Europe. Initially, cakes were baked with sugar but still different from modern cakes, according to historians.

The bakers have added fruit and made icing with the mixture of sugar, egg whites, and flavors poured on the cake and it was baked in a glaze. Cake hoop came into practice for baking. It was a circular mold like the one you find these days. Metal, wood, or even paper was used to make these hoops.

Refined flour came into practice in the mid 19th century and baking powder replaced yeast then. This way, cakes became a lot lighter and fluffier. Cake hoops also came into practice in the past.

Both muffins and cakes have great long-back past. Hence, muffin pans have their own past which is literally worthwhile.