What are the advantages of using a solar water pump?


What are the advantages of using a solar water pump?


There are many advantages to using a solar water pump. In Australian domestic settings, they have become very popular, especially in capital cities like Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Solar water pumps are also very popular in agricultural and horticultural applications around Australia, either as a stand-alone pumping solution or to complement a larger watering or irrigation system.Irrigation Equipment Supplier Melbourne .

7 advantages of using a solar water pump:

Low operating cost

The good thing about sunlight in Australia is it is free. Australia has an extremely high uptake of solar power usage. Advances in technology, particularly in relation to solar panels and battery storage, have made harnessing the sun’s energy very easy. Solar water pumps basically run for free, utilising free sunlight for their power. Once installed, fuel and electricity costs are non-existent. This makes solar water pumps a very efficient solution in domestic, agricultural and commercial settings.

Low maintenance

Solar water pumps are extremely low maintenance because they have fewer moving parts, meaning wear and tear is kept to a minimum. Compared to other types of pumps, solar water pumps require very little servicing and maintenance. The solar panels can be easily replaced if there is a problem.

Easy to transport and relocate

One of the great benefits of solar water pumps is they are easy to transport and relocate. This is especially useful in agricultural settings when relocating stock to new locations. If you need the stock to move, just move the pump with them. It is also very easy to relocate your solar water pump Melbourne in different seasons to better capture the sunlight or operate closer to a water source.

Very reliable

Solar water pumps provide a very reliable source of power, especially in Australia where sunlight is abundant all year round. This is extremely important when grid power is either unavailable or unreliable. With improvements in battery capacity predicted, solar water pumps will become even more widely used.


Eco -friendly

Solar water pumps are environmentally friendly both in terms of their power source and their emissions – or should we say lack of emissions. By harnessing the natural energy from the sun, the need for using fossil fuels for power is eliminated. Global warming is a real phenomenon, so it is nice to know that by using solar pump Adelaide we are doing our bit to protect the environment.

Highly flexible

The flexibility of solar water pumps is immense. They can be used either above or below ground. Above ground surface pumps work well for irrigation dams, rainwater tanks, creeks and ponds. Borehole or submersible pumps work very effectively with solar panels providing they are well designed Irrigation Store perth .

Remote operation

Remote farming communities and properties often find it challenging to develop watering solutions for their crop, gardens or livestock due to limited access to electricity. Solar water panels are a wonderful solution in situations where power is either limited or non-existent.

Solar pumps can also be operated from a remote location as part of a fully automated irrigation or stock watering system.

Case study

Shepparton is a regional town located north of Melbourne in Victoria. This case study looks at a fruit tree grower who grows trees on a remote property without access to mains electricity. The team at Think Water helped the farmer with a solar-powered pump package, installed to solve the problem and help move water from the creek throughout the property. This solution demonstrates the many benefits of solar water pumps and solar harvesting.


Whatever irrigation solution you are seeking, solar water pumps can be an integral part of the watering system. Talk to the team at Think Water about your project and the possible inclusion of solar water pumps in your irrigation strategy. They will be able to help you with design, products, installation and any ongoing maintenance.

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