What makes micro drip irrigation so popular in the Southland Region of New Zealand?

Micro drip irrigation is a system of irrigation that delivers water slowly to the root of the plants. In the Southland region of New Zealand micro drip irrigation is becoming more popular as farmers are coming to understand micro drip irrigation can improve efficiency and increase yields .


Micro drip irrigation systems in Southland and around the world aim to deliver water and nutrients to the base of the plant, rather than also watering the soil around the plant. This obviously means less water is wasted as the micro drip system delivers water exactly where it is needed, making it a very precise form of irrigation. This precise approach feeds the roots and not the surrounding soil. This aspect of micro drip irrigation is very important because the amount of water used is much less than in other methods of irrigation. This saves both money and water.Water Sprinkler Southland


A secondary way that drip irrigation saves water is that it reduces evaporation. Water has little to no chance to evaporate when water is applied directly to the base of the plant. Water is a precious resource so using it wisely is essential for improving overall irrigation efficiency. Using micro drip irrigation can potentially allow you to irrigate up to 30% more land using the same volume of water. Conversely, micro drip irrigation can help reduce your current water cost by similar percentages. Even with the capital outlay required, over the longer term savings can still be substantial.

Micro irrigation systems use a system of valves, pipes, tubing and emitters that drip water slowly to the base of the plant. They can be above or below ground depend ending on the application and topography. Micro drip irrigation systems are particularly useful where the topography is varied and fluctuating, minimizing run-off and evaporation.


It is important to consider the installation, maintenance and local conditions before deciding to install a micro drip irrigation system. We recommend you talk to a professional who understands the local conditions, climate and terrain of your area. Based in Invercargill, the team at Think Water Southland have years of experience and can help you apply micro drip irrigation or other irrigation solutions to your situation. They have a wealth of knowledge and are only too happy to help.Firefighting Pump Southland


More and more farmers are embracing micro drip irrigation in the Southland for its greater efficiency and higher yields. If you haven’t already considered micro drip irrigation but have noticed other farmers using it, then there is no better time than the present to check it out.