Dress Code for Third Avenue Elementary

Dress Code Information

One color dress or corduroy pants or shorts:  black, blue, gray, white, or khaki only. Plaid shorts and cargo pants are also allowed.

Collared shirts:  can be one color, striped, or plaid. Logos should not be larger than 2 inches. Large pictures and words are not allowed.

Dresses:  any style dress with sleeves or straps may be worn (denim and sleeveless dresses are not allowed)

Sweaters and sweatshirts:  Sweaters and sweatshirts may be worn with a collared shirt underneath.

Sweatpants, leggings as pants, fleece, denim (jeans), or yoga pants are not allowed.

Sleeveless Dresses are not allowed.

Hooded sweatshirts are not allowed.

Sneakers should be worn on Gym Day.

Flip flops and clogs are not allowed.