Reading Vocabulary Words


Lesson 5 – The School News

Quiz on Friday, October 19, 2018


1. viewers – Viewers are people who watch something.


2. survive – To survive is to remain alive, even after great difficulties.


3. camouflage – When something has camouflage, it blends into its surroundings.


4. concealed – Something that is concealed is covered up so it can’t be seen.


5. independent – A person who is independent is someone who does things on his or her own.


6. donated – Something that has been donated has been given away for free.


7. media – The many ways that people communicate, including newspapers, magazines, and television, are all part of the media.


8. feature – When reporters do a special report on a topic, the report is called a feature.


9. image – An image is a picture of something or someone.


10. popular – Something that is popular is something that many people like.