About the Teacher

Hello I am Ms. Jessi

I believe children learn best through play and exploration. I believe establishing positive learning experiences during early childhood sparks a love for learning, discovery, creativity and expression. And I believe the development of social emotional skills lays the foundation for success in a conventional classroom. 
This is my professional philosophy. 

Through my experience working with school-age care and as a preschool teacher I have learned that engaged children ask good questions, want to try things again and take the learning to places I couldn’t have planned for.  Children have a natural ability to explore without fear and if I can guide that exploration, I believe that children will tell you what they are eager to learn. Providing children with the time to play and explore allows me time to observe, guide play and create child center planning. Guiding children's play by providing vocabulary and open-ended questions continues quality engagement without halting play.

Child development training has taught me that children develop an understanding of how to learn in early childhood. Experiencing positive learning conditions that involve overcoming fears, taking risks and mastering once difficult tasks, build confidence in their ability to learn.  These positive experience are fundamental for confidence and identity in the classroom. I take pride in observing a child’s abilities and challenging them to grow while maintaining a positive experience through the process.    

My work with children is well planned, however, the learning experience that I feel are most important for classroom success are often taught in the moment.  The social and emotional development of children is hard to fit into the tiny boxes of a weekly plan but they take up much of my kid contact time during everyday.  Children who better understand and monitor their emotions, I believe, are more prepared for the classroom environment.  Education is a very social experience filled with interactions, negotiations, feelings and cultural norms,  I observe and find the teachable moments, providing vocabulary and context in a neutral way that deepens the understanding for everyone involved. 

Cementing this learning through consistency, clear expectations and continued explanation is my drive.


Please contact me for further information and references. 

thislittlelifecares@gmail.com         651.808.3690