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Foodies: gourmet experiences to live in Singapore



Singapore is a city that will appeal to foodies. The local cuisine reflects the diversity of the populations: Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, Indonesian, English, Peranakan, etc. There is a great offer there at JB Hotels, both in terms of street food and more gourmet restaurants. It is a city with a very good reputation, thanks to the quality of its street food and the recent emergence of a high-level gastronomic scene created by young and talented chefs.

Singaporeans often eat lunch in food courts, a sort of hall with lots of stalls around it, and tables in the center. You can enjoy Maggi Goreng Recipe. Besides, if you come to the Singapore Food Festival, you can experience these friendly spaces, often outdoors, where you can dine, listen to music or even play beer pong.

Breakfast like a local

In Singapore, the traditional breakfast includes toast of toasted sandwich bread, spread with salted butter on which one spreads Kaya. With this, you are served two very soft-boiled eggs (not cooked enough for me), accompanied by soy sauce. It works very well. Besides, I recommend that you twist your shell eggs with a few drops of soy sauce. You will see that it awakens the taste buds.



Enter the adventure of the durian (or not)

Durian is a common fruit in Southeast Asia that smells extremely bad. In some countries like Thailand, it is forbidden to take it on public transport. Not only does it stink, but the smell is extremely persistent. You spot a stall of durian-smelling at least 10 meters away.

In short, try Asian Recipes and see if you are one of those who love or those who hate.

Singapore flavors

Despite being a young country, Singapore ended up absorbing dishes from other cultures and creating versions that acquired their own identity with flavors found only in the city-state. The Laksa, the Hainamese Chicken Rice, the Roti Prata and Rojak are some examples of dishes not originating in Singapore but now have flavors or combinations of ingredients typical of the city.

The national dish is Chilli Crab, a dish born on the East Coast of Singapore that over the years, like the city itself, has been changing. But there are still places that claim to prepare the Easy dessert recipes of the Chilli Cbra.

Durian is the national fruit. With a very characteristic smell and taste and an expensive price, it is a fruit that does not leave anyone who tastes it indifferent: it is either loved or hated.

Peranakan cuisine, gastronomy with Chinese roots and a strong Malay influence, also stands out in Singapore, having its historical origin in the first Chinese merchants who came to the island and married the locals.

As the country has its roots in Malay, Indian and Chinese cultures, there is no shortage of restaurant options that offer the best of these gastronomies to those who visit the city. In Singapore you can find from restaurants with the signature of famous chefs to representatives of the largest restaurant and fast food chains in the world.