My Spanish Class Website



¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Español !

Hola alumnos,

Me llamo Lidia Thompson, but you can call me

 Señora Thompson.

I want to welcome you to my class. I know that we will have a great year working together.

There is certain information that you need to know to make your learning process work more efficiently and your learning experiences more enjoyable.

Our goal for this class is to learn as much as possible and apply the learned material.

Language is for communication and we will use speaking, reading and writing skills in order to communicate in Spanish.

In order to properly learn we must follow the classroom rules and student/teacher expectations.

 In order to achieve our learning goals we must work as a team.

Everything we do in class will be focused in achieving these goals. If you need to contact me at the school, my school e-mail is



** Always be on time.  Class starts on time. When you enter the classroom, please be seated at your assigned seat.

( No walking around without permission)


** When the bell rings, be ready to start working on the daily bell assignment. It will be written on the board.

 (either the word of the day and/ or Spanish practice)

 Please work quietly and individually.


** Bring all classroom materials every day. Please take good care of your assigned textbook. We need to make sure that the books remain in good condition as long as possible. I will have book checks in order to monitor your textbook condition. You!! will be responsible for your assigned textbook.


** Please don’t bring FOOD, DRINKS ,and/or GUM in the classroom (with the exception of water) Please help maintain a clean learning environment. J


**  Follow ALL of the school’s code of conduct expectations.

 ( yes, that means dress code issues and cell phone issues too)

Your cell phones and any other unauthorized electronic device, must be turned off and put away during school hours.

NO texting during Class.



** You must participate in ALL classroom activities in order to fully achieve the learning goals for this class.  My wish for you as my student is that you achieve success in this class.


** Always be respectful and understanding to everyone.

    (Your teacher, other students and yourself)


** Always think before you act and/or react to any situation.

Please use common sense and good manners at all times.


** No inappropriate language is to be used at any time.


**Be opened-minded to the different cultural aspects

 of this class.


** Learn many new things every day.  very important!!


** Study your vocabulary and notes daily. This will help you not to just memorize the materials, but to master the information. You will be expected to know the vocabulary and verb concepts very well through out the entire semester and not just for testing purposes.



A. Textbook: provided by the school

  1. Notebook: 3-ringed binder/folder with pockets and plenty of notebook paper for notes.

 Organize the notebook as follows:

  1. notes
  2. vocabulary  hand-outs
  3.  verb -graphic organizers
  4.  Cultural information
  5.   quizzes and tests.
  6. signed  grade reports


**All notes need to be dated and titled by  topic .

**The notebook will be graded every two weeks.


  1. A set of coloring pencils or thin markers(when needed) for  geography, and cultural projects.