Port St. Joe High School


Course Syllabus

M/J Exploratory Wheel 3—Course #0600020


Teacher: Shirley Thompson

Periods: 4th, 5th, 7th


Course Description:
The major purpose of this course is to introduce and implement technology skills into the content areas.   A concentration of the Florida reading benchmarks will be addressed. The majority of activities will be project-based. A pre and post-test will be given measuring learning gains. It is in the best interest of the student to “do their best” as future lessons will be designed around the results of the pretests.

Once pretesting is complete, the students will engage in a variety of lessons and activities to include, but not limited to the following: word processing, spreadsheets, publishing, movie-making, FCAT Explorer, Qtopia, Qwizdom, Think Quest, Thinkfinity, research, & literature groups.


No textbook will be used for this course.  When a novel study is assigned, students will be able to pick a book from a specific genre, such as historical fiction or biography.


Supplies Needed:

Flash Drive – 2GB or higher

Note Book

3 Pronged Pocket Folder

Pencils & Pen


Grading: This is subject to change with each nine weeks. Changes will be posted on Mrs. Thompson’s Webpage.

Classwork: 40%

Homework: 20%

Tests and Quizzes: 40%



Classwork will consist of individual and group projects to meet the course description above.




Homework will be assigned as needed. Students are expected to complete and turn in homework at the beginning of class on the due date.


Tests and Quizzes:

Students will be given ample time and instruction to complete tests. If a make-up test is necessary, an alternative test covering the assigned material will be given. It is the responsibility of the student to schedule a time to make up missed tests according to the guidelines in the student handbook.



Students are expected to bring their planner to class every day.  Students are to record daily assignments in their planner. Each Monday (or first school day of the week), planners will be checked for completion and parent signature.  As required by administration, a planner grade will be given and counted as a test grade.



All grades will be posted in Pinnacle.


Should a parent-teacher conference be requested, please call the school office to arrange.