Math 104 Syllabus

Elementary Mathematical Modeling

MATH 104, CSI 2017

104-55: MTWRF 08:30-10:45, Thompson Hall 203

                                                                      Instructor: Matthew Thornley                                                                  Phone: (843) 953-5927

                                                                      Office: Thompson Hall 211                                                                        E-mail:

Office Hours: M/W 12:30-1:25, or by appointment

                                                                                                  Supplemental Instruction: T/R 12:30-1:25 with Mrs. Eason (TH 203)

                                                              Course Website:


Course Description: This course will introduce the student to mathematical models of real world problems. In particular, students will use graphs, functions, and tables to describe data and use models to interpolate and extrapolate data. Linear, quadratic, polynomial, exponential, and bounded growth functions will be studied. Students will be expected to interpret results in writing and use technology to solve and display results.


Textbook: Ronald Harshbarger and Lisa Yocco, College Algebra in Context: with applications for the managerial, life, and social sciences. 5th Edition, Pearson.

Calculator: TI-83 or TI-84 required for each class.


Grading: The grades for this course will be based on several factors:


Number of Assessments

Points per Assessment

Total Points

per Category

Percent of

Final Grade
















Final Exam











Final grades will be determined by your point total based on the following scale:

A = 360-400, B = 320-359, C = 280-319, D = 240-279, F = 0-239


How this class will work:

  1. Practice homework problems will be assigned after nearly every class. Working through these problems will be the best way for you to learn the material in this class.
  2. At the beginning of the next class, students may put on the board any problem numbers that they were unable to solve. If another student was able to solve one of those problems, he/she may put the full solution on the board with his/her name. There is no penalty for putting a problem number on the board. Students who provide solutions on the board will receive extra credit (see below).
  3. After reviewing homework problems, the remainder of class time will be dedicated to learning new material and doing example problems.
  4. There will be four turn-in homework assignments which will be graded. There will also be a graded project due near the end of the semester.


Miscellaneous class policies:

  1. Sharing of calculators during graded assignments is not permitted.
  2. Cell phones and laptops are not necessary in class. Put them away.
  3. Being absent for 20% or more of our classes will result in a course grade of F. Three instances of tardiness count as an absence.
  4. There will be no make-up tests given for any reason. If you know in advance that you will be absent on the day of a scheduled test, inform the instructor and you can take the test early.
  5. The Final Exam grade will replace the lowest test grade, if the Exam grade is higher.


Extra Credit Opportunities:

  1. Math Lab tutoring center. Each visit is worth ½ point, to a maximum of 10 points.
  2. Homework solutions. For every 4 solutions to homework problems you provide on the board, you earn 1 point extra credit. (Maximum of 1 solution per day.)
  3. All extra credit points will be added to your point total at the end of the semester.


Students with Disabilities:

If you need accommodations because of a disability, please inform me ASAP in private, either after class or in my office. To initiate accommodations, students must register with the Office of Access Services, Instruction, and Support (OASIS) located in 105 Thompson Hall or call 953-1820 to set up an appointment. This office is responsible for reviewing documentation provided by students requesting academic accommodations and coordinating between students and instructors.