Moose Lake Fine Art Department


Our  mission is to educate each student in the area of visual understanding and expression. Art education forster perceptual awareness, individual creativity, and  knowledge of past and present cultures. Through  creation of art, students develop responsibility , self awareness and understanding of human differences. Our goal is to establish life- long learning citizen with the basic knowledge of art and seed of curiosity and creativity.

 Fine Arts Department mission and goals 

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Welcome to the Moose Lake Community School Art Department web page. Students and parents can access lessons for classes being taught.

"Artistic creativity is a whirlpool of imagination that swirls in the depths of the mind."

Robert Toth

Here at Moose Lake we offer 3 courses( High School) in the Fine Arts(Drawing, Painting and Ceramics) and 3 courses in the Media arts(Photography, Graphic Design and Video Production). 

We also offer K-6th grade elementary Art. Mrs. DeYoung  is also another Art Specialist who teaches elementary art.

Elementary art is offered once a week on a 7 day rotation

Courses required  are 7th and 8th grade Art.

From 9th -12th the courses are electives. Students will need  1 credit in the Fine Arts to graduate(this includes choir and band)

All High School electives are offered by Trimester 

Trimester 1: Drawing and Photography

Trimester 2: Graphic Design and Video Production

Trimester 3: Painting and Ceramics

All electives  have a prerequisite of Drawing I which is given to the 8th grade students.7th grade art is now Art Fundamentals and a precursor to Drawing I. 

Grading:  Students are graded on participation and assignments. 50/50. Participation is based on being a community  student. Students are responsible for returning supplies or materials to their locations,  attendance (unexcused will be a  loss of points)cleaning up after themselves, and hard work. Students are given their participation points ahead of time. It is their responsibility to keep their points(just like a job, performance based)  Assignments are based on the objective, creativity, quality and  how well did they meet the objective/goal of the lesson.  
Newest Grading Rubric


Artfully, Threse(Tracy) Kill