Art Fundamentals(7th Grade)

Art Fundamentals: Students will be able to  learn about the different courses offered in 9-12th grade. Students go beyond  the Elements and Principles of design in creating art work. All students will use a sketchbook to draw in for pre-approval of designs. Review Elements & Principles of Design

 Assignment I:  Zentangle Designs

Student will doodle with  in creating a zentangle design that is repetitive, pattern based with marker only.

Assignment 2: Gargoyles

Students will hand build in clay a gargoyle that has three or more animals.

Assignment 3:  Masks

Students will use plaster of paris to make a mold of their face and create a dominoe or full mask. This year we are exploring aboriganl culture. Last few years was Mardi Gras. Mixed Media

Assignments 4:  Book Cover Dragons

Students will use watercolor and marker to design a cover for a book  that has dragons.

Assignment 5:   Architectural Sculpture

Students will learn about  architecture and sculpture.  Students are to create a new building that incorporates the sculpture within.  Students learn about 3d tin or Tinkercad  program  to creature on the 3d printer.

Assignment 6:   Art History

Students read small articles of various artists or styles. They fill out a worksheet  with the information they have learned.