Ceramics I, II, III

Ceramics I  Students are working on controlling their hand built techniques and understanding the stages of clay. Students that want to experiment with fancier glaze techniques will have to purchase their own glazes/under glaze! 

Empty Bowl Fundraiser

All levels of student will create a bowl for our annual Empty bowl Fundraiser for the local food shelf!

Terminology Test link to all termshttp://aker.srhs.net/sculptvocab.html

Assignment 1:   Pinch Pots

Create a  functional pinch pot with Native American designs(glazed in, or etched in, or sticking out). You must control the thickness from the  bottom to the top. All work must have a sketch before you  hand build. Learn about Maria Martinez!

Size: 4" in height, functional contains a liquid...

pinch and coil video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=th8yLtFjZ58  https://www.tes.com/lessons/TELYOYtmjka57w/pinch-coil-pottery?redirect-bs=1

Assignment 2 : Decorative Coil Vessels

Functional  All work must have a sketch before you  hand build

coil and slab video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dsOf2uj3Zw

Assignment 3:   Slab Houses

Create a  slab building that incorporates an animal  abstract/modern. The building also may be a bird house with abstract designs.

Assignment 4: Wheel Throwing All students must throw  first year!

You will watch videos on  different methods with throwing on the wheel. You will throw a cylinder that is 6" tall and no thicker then 1/2" before you can move onto any other projects.  If you are left handed you will use the kick wheel only, right handers on the electrics.

wheel video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9-hAJ8IrmU

Optional Assignments: Jewelry, picture frames, ornaments

Assignment 5:  Greek Vessel Miniature

Create a Sculptural Vessel/Vase  that is mimicking the Greek period. Use any and/or all clay techniques.  You must pass the wheel test to be able to use that technique, otherwise you will have to hand build. The Vessel must have a mouth, body and foot.

relief video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emvS3APe1ac

Assignment 6  Creature Bust Must be scary!

Be creative and make a creature of some sort. Build up by using pinch  or coil method... you can carve after getting started.  Create the head only with a little bit of shoulders to balance the bust on the board with a stick. This assignment is about going beyond the box and being creative. The assignment  has to be original and may use more then one type of creature.  Showing a variety of  texture,  and realism in the features you are representing. No mushrooms, no long skinny pointy parts(breaks off too easily) and you should show depth in the facial features(no drawing in the features show 3d!). No bigger than 8" in height unless pre- approved by the teacher.

Ceramics II Students are working on concept and mastering  either wheel thrown or hand building  techniques. Students can combine  methods on all  projects. Students  other focus is finishing product design

Assignment 1 : 4 mugs 

Functional, must have a theme 3/4 # of clay needed per cup

Assignment 2 :  Teapot set

Assignment 3:   Sculptural Piece

Create a  sculoptural piecethat  is either functional/nonfunctional. Open in size, but must be larger then  8".

Assignment 4:  Dinnerware Set

 Create  a dinnerware set with a dinner plate,  soup bowl, silverware, side plate, glass/cup non functional contemporary theme

Assignment 5:   Non functional Bowl 5#s

Design a bowl with 5#s of clay. Functional in any size and must have symbolism incorporated into the design.


Ceramics III Students will master the style, technique and finishing of the product. A minimum of 5 pieces to turn in. Students must consult with the teacher  and present ideas through their sketch book. 

All classes will create at least 3 visual essays on the style and potter they like using google arts a & culture  as the starting point. Please create the essay in google slides an put in your  digital portfolio.