Drawing I, II ,& III(9th and up)


Drawing I:  Everyone will have a visual journal where you will sketch work on ideas, write through thoughts and concepts. 

Assignments: You will create  drawings of choice and style in these mediums using a photo reference, but not copied.

1. pencil

2. colored pencil

3. oil pastel

4. Chalk

other options: scratch art, white charcoal, ink or tablet

Visual essays on each of the mediums and artists. Please post in your digital protfolios.

Final Piece will be one of your favorite medium and style. See the instructor with your concept and how you plan on execute.

Drawing II:

Assignment 1:  Visual Essays

Pick and artist that you will follow their style of drawings(use google arts & culture).  Write up about a one paragraph  on the artist including name, style, subject matter, exhibitions, medium and how long they have been in the field. Also include a web link of picture of the work they do.  YOuwill create your visual essay as a google slide  and place into your digitla portfolio.

 Decide what medium you would like to master and watch videos in the different techniques that I have posted or through you tube. You will create your first  assignment in the style and medium of the artist. You should pick your own subject matter. Always have a picture for a reference. 

Google Arts & Culture

Drawing tips http://thevirtualinstructor.com/QuicktipsDrawing.html

Assignment 2:   Daily/Weekly Sketches

Always practice in your sketchbooks the medium your are trying to master. You choose the subject matter. You will use a magazine or real photo for your reference located in my room.

Weekly sketches are located in a power point. You will create your  sketches in the medium and style you would like to master.  Remember that some mediums lend better for particular materials.

Assignment 3: Understanding Style

Choose a photo realistic picture of something you like. You will then create 4 versions of this picture in these styles. Realism, Abstract, Impressionism and Graphic. You can choose any medium or use different mediums for each style.   Please see the link below with examples of  these styles.

Assignment 4: Capturing Personality

You will need to capture a personality of either you, friend or an animal. Make sure it is a photo  to be used for a reference. You take the photo or someone else took that you have permission from. 

Drawing III Students master  the style, medium of choice with a minimum of 5 drawings. Continue with at leasat 3 visual essays on artists  of your liking.

water droplets videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8j-6wAH2Pak

pastel drawing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_keulYLG6k

 glass https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_ih_o0shAM

colored pencil https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DG36Ne7P1c0

How to draw trees with pen

How to draw  with graphite pencil light bulb

Pen and Ink how to draw a bee

Drawing with a tablet