Graphic Design

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Introduction:  Learning  about Photoshop and Illustrator

Learning the basics

How to store your work

How  to send your work to instructor

google classroom

Raw format versus jpeg

 Old to young transformation


Assignment 2:  Learning Illustrator

Assignment 3:  Typeface

Design a logo for one of your favorites(or design your own) companies 50 points:

Requirements: typefaces(fonts) combine, tweak a letterform, add elements, and add clipart and/or illustrations. A minimum of 6 blending options are to be used with the fonts.

Assignment 4:  Marketing

Create your own Business/Company    You need to create a company with a logo, design typography,  and watermarks.

Requirements: Business cards(2" x 3.5), letterhead and envelope 4" x7", invoices, and or forms, black and white ads(various sizes) for the newspaper.  Poster is 11 X 17 

You can use microsoft words templates

You will also learn how to screen print your logo design on a shirt!

Baseball Card Design contest

Printmaking: Screen print a tshirt with one of your designs.

Graphic Design II & III

Design a 5 page web site

Design a Banner for a webpage with moving parts


Using the graphic Tablet draw a cartoon

Pixel Art

Coding html or Css make your webpage with code with codeacdemy or khan academy

Digital Rendering of Photos(Take your own photos)

add a person to a photo

Drawing  with a tablet