Painting I ,II, III

 The first and foremost policy in painting class is cleaning your brushes thoroughly!!!!! 

Painting 1:

Assignment 1:Color Theory

 Color Wheel: Please read  the article in the link below

How many colors can you make?

Show me value, tint and shade of a color

Blending your paint

Still Life

Practice with Acrylic paint. Take only the primary colors, red, blue, yellow and from those three colors mix as many colors as possible. Remember complimentary colors make brown. Red/green, blue/orange, purple/yellow.  After mixing practice work on tints/shades of one color.

Color Theory

acrylic painting

Assignment 2  Watercolor Landscape

1. Separate a sheet of watercolor paper into 10 parts with masking tape. Practice  10 techniques in watercolor. 

dry on dry, wet on wet, salt, crayon resist, saran wrap, straw, masque, tissue paper,  scratched with a tooth pick or paper clip combination of a couple. Experiment on a second sheet with 

2. Paint a landscape with watercolor using  at least three techniques. Use a picture as a reference.  Remember to  start with the background and maskque out areas that are white. Water color is transparent.... treat as such. No white water down to make lighter. No black unless necessary! 

watercolor techniques


Assignment 3 Oil Painting

Students with experiment oil painting creating a sunset on water. You will learn how to make a palette, recycle turpenoid and clean brushes. How to stretch a canvas. All students will need a paint shirt. We will  study Hudson River artists. All paintings must be originals! Learn about underpainting, stretching canvas,  and photo realistic techniques.

timed oil  painting white cow

Assignment 4 Acrylic Painting

Students will learn how to use acrylic paints and create an abstract painting. You will also learn about light, medium and heavy bodied paints. 

Acrylic technique

 acrylic transfer


Painting 2 & 3 

You will create paintings in the style and medium that you will master. This may include surface preparation, maintaining your painting palette and having more then one project going. Prior approval on what  you will create over the Trimester. Every two weeks you should be turning in a painting depending on the medium.  All pieces must be original! Minmum of 5 paintings. No size limits unless it is bigger then the door to my room.

2nd and 3rd  year students shall explore the style, medium and subject matter you want to master. You will research an artist and/or style. You will also turn in a research paper on  that artist and style. You may have to watch videos or check out books to find  numerous techniques  in the medium. You have the option of buying your brushes and paints that are higher quality than what the schools supplies. 

All Classes will create 3 visual essays on artists in the mediums or styles you  like. It can be different styles or mediums. Please put your  essays in google slides and place in your digital protfolios.

All student may purchase higher quality paint, brushes and canvasses!

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