Developing as an Educator

Professional Goals

My professional goal is to implement a fluency program and implement a new digital classroom management program. This is my first year teaching 6th grade Social Studies and English, and I am hopeful that I will be teaching the same grade next year. This is my third year teaching and each year I have taught a new grade level. It has been challenging yet enlightening. I have learned that there is a true need for practice with fluency in middle school. Many children and adolescents are not reading at home, and their fluency has been negatively impacted. This impacts their ability to access the curriculum, and I would like to implement a successful fluency program in my secondary classroom. I plan on implementing fluency in two ways: recorded passage reading and partner passage reading. I believe I will use the "SeeSaw" app, which will also engage parents, so they can see their children reading and their journal entries.

My classroom management has always been stellar. I connect with my kids and they respect when I am teaching and hold each other accountable for their behavior. Yet, I do not get the chance to reward them for their good behavior. At the beginning of this year, and all of last year, I used a table points system. Groups would earn points for participation, being on task, and having their area clean. At the end of each period, students would get to leave first or get a jolly rancher. Yet, I kept on forgetting to give out the rewards, and the kids would forget about it too. So I eventually stopped it this year because I kept on forgetting. I would like to implement a digital point system where students could cash in points for special prizes throughout the year. These could be simple prizes, such as bags of chips, candies, bottles of water, stickers, etc. I like the idea of going digital because I can award points even when they are not in the classroom. 

Connected Educator 

I have always admired teachers who are constantly changing and improving. They find unique ways to implement technology and engage students in their classroom. I have observed hundreds of teachers and I have noticed that there is not one thing they do, its multiple things that they do. I plan to take every opportunity I have to better myself as a teacher. This summer I am attending an AVID certification program and I am becoming a certified WEB leader in two weeks! I am beyond thrilled to keep growing!

Lastly, I really stay connected as an educator to the latest and greatest educational information by following other teachers on Instagram. I am able to see classrooms across America, where teachers share what is working, (what is not working), what they are creating and how they are being their best possible selves. I feel inspired and rejuvenated to keep learning and teaching.

Passion about Teaching 

It is not doubted that teaching is one of the hardest yet most rewarding jobs on the planet.

Passion for my students: one thing that I do is talk with my students. Every Friday, and every Monday, we have time to chat after our journal writing. I see them as a non-student and they tell me about their lives. I also created a teacher Instagram account, where my students can follow me and I can follow them. It helps me see them as a person, and not someone who is submitting a late assignment.

Passion for my learning: I read. A lot. I like to read articles and find out ways that I can improve myself, and my resilence. I plan on listening to more books on audio in order to pump myself with positivity and ways to improve myself.

Passion for my teaching: The word "manageability" comes to mind. One thing I did my first year was grade a lot, and prep a ton. The second year was even more strenuous. I was working for a charter school and was required to create my own curriculum. Saying "It was challenging" is the biggest understatement of my teaching career. I felt overwhelmed and not happy. So at the beginning of this school year, I made a new "passion for teaching rule": grade at school. I am proud and relieved to say that I don't take my grading home right now. In order to keep the passion, I have to manage my family life and work life, and that means grading when I am at work at leaving it there for the next day.

Reflective Coach Quote

"Alexandria is a dedicated teacher who works hard at meeting the needs of her students.  She is a lifelong learner who is open to new learning and always challenges herself to try new strategies.  This is evident in all she does in her classroom. Her highly collaborative spirit has led to some great discussions and even more innovation in her classroom,  I am so proud of how she has grown as a teacher this past year.  I know this is only the beginning for her and there are many more great things in store for her. Keep up the great work!" - Kim Poe

Advice for new teachers

My advice for new teachers is to get to know your students and smile often. Many times, we are the only smiles some of our students see in their lives. We are here for them. Building a relationship with your students makes your job easier. They will love you and want to show you how awesome they truly are when they know you want to know them.