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Contributing to the Profession

Here is my favorite "can't teach without" websites:



This website has a lot of short learning song-videos for students. They cover all the core subjects and have quizzes and tons of teacher resources. Even my "too-cool" 8th graders loved it! Flocabulary provides that modern-day application for students and they are immediately interested and captivated by the lyrics. 

Remind App

I didn't use it this year, and I wish I did. It helps to remind my own students when a project or homework assignment is due. It goes directly to their phones, and I don't have to worry about their parents not giving them the message. This year I noticed that a lot my students would forget when things were due, and last year this problem was this presistent. I attribute last year's success with using this app.


My classroom gets extra loud when this comes on because they are so excited to play and test their personal knowledge! I use this weekly to review for our Social Studies quiz, and my students remind me each week that we must play. It is their favorite thing to do in my class. 

Teachers Pay Teachers

I love this website! It has saved me a ton of time preparing fun activities for my students. The prices are incredibily inexpensive and I am helping another teacher financially. It's a win-win.

Get 2 Months for $5!