About Me

I lived in Elmira my whole life. I wanted to become a teacher at a very young age. My mom often found me in my room passing out papers and talking to no body. I had a love for biology and when I went into college at Corning Community I thought that I would teach high school biology. However, when I shawdowed my moms friend, a kindergarten teacher, I quickly became fastianted with the younger kids.

I student taught for a first grade class and really enjoyed it. While I was student teaching I got married to my highschool sweatheart- Chris. That year I got a job for 1st grade at Grant Elm. School. I loved first grade but there was something that I still loved about the kindergarten cirriculum and when one of the Kindergarten teachers retired that next year I was able to take their place.

 On my second year on the job we welcomed twins- Charolette and Noah to our family.

Today, I am still teaching Kindergarten at Grant and loving it! This is my 4th year here. I am also the busy mommy to 20 month old twins.